Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sanders Newbie

North Norfolk based Sanders Coaches recent new arrival was in Great Yarmouth today. NS17GAS is a Yutong TC9 and it was sitting in the car park at the town's ASDA store this afternoon.

I understand from Zak Nelson, over at Norwich Bus Page, that its registration denotes the original owners of the company Norman Sanders and Gladys Ann Sanders


#TBT ~ Beach Coach Station August 1994 (Part Three)

This week's #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) features part three of our look at visitors appearing at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station during August 1994.

Today's subject continues with the double deck theme and shows East London Coaches 486CLT which was one of five former West Midlands PTE Leyland Titan/Park Royals passing to London Transport. It was new in January 1979 as WDA3T and carried fleet number 7003 when with the PTE. The 486CLT registration was gained in 1992 and the Titan was subsequently re-registered again as HVX771T, with the former plate assigned to Routemaster RMC1500.

Incidentally the decker previously made appearances at Beach Coach Station in its guise as WDA3T as my report dated 16th April 2015 shows (#TBT Beach Coach Station ~ August 1991)


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Beach Coach Station Today

Six of the nine Richmond Coaches fleet at
Beach Coach Station this afternoon
A comparatively large turn out at Great Yarmouth's Beach Coach Station today with some thirty coaches present.

Nine of them were from the Richmond's Coaches fleet based in the 'Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex corner'. The attendees were Van Hool Alicrons 230LYC, 753LNU, 275FUM and 892LTV plus Van Hool Astrons 438XYA and YER469 together with Van Hool bodied Volvo B10M's 424KPP, 851FYD and 729KTO. Unfortunately they were all on the back row so I couldn't get a good front picture but settled for a rear view of six instead!

There was my first local sighting of a 17 plated Shearings coach in the form of Mercedes Benz Tourismo 902 (BN17JRV)

Downham Market based D & H Harrod were represented by Irisbus N14DHH and Mercedes Benz N19DHH

From Spratts Coaches of Wreningham came WH11CHR, a Van Hool Alicron formerly with Wickson of Walsall

Other regular long stay visitors included Alfa Travels' Mercedes Benz Tourismos 88 (BX14OMO) and 92 (BX15OED) plus Gee-Vee Travel's VDL Bova Futura GT09GVT.


Service Alterations Registered ~ 16th August 2017

Just a couple of proposed changes to local bus services from today's Notices & Proceedings Report published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner.

Paul Whincop of Peasenhall in Suffolk is amending the route, stopping places and timetable of his TM02 service between Halesworth Drive, Raydon and Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham from 5th September 2017.

Go West Travel, trading as Stagecoach East, is cancelling three services including the 434 between Dersingham and Wells Next The Sea from 1st October 2017.

The complete Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed HERE


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Reynolds Coach Sales

Four coaches are currently being made available for disposal on the Reynolds Coaches of Caister website. The oldest is Plaxton bodied Dennis Javelin 221WPH, which was new to Woodward of Glossop in 1989 as F740MVR. It is believed that it has already been snapped up for preservation.

The others include Mercedes Benz Tourismo SN57LKC, first registered in September 2007, and Plaxton Premiere bodied Dennis Javelin AT55CZH from February 2006.

The final member of the quartet is Caetano Enigma bodied Volvo B10M ICZ6697 which Reynolds acquired from Kent County Council in August 2012. It was new to Ulsterbus in May 2001.


Monday In Norwich

With business to attend to in the 'Fine City' yesterday, I arrived on a Konectbus service at Castle Meadow around eleven. After alighting I was caught on the hop with Semmence's MAN FY52PMU passing in the opposite direction 'not in service'

After concluding my business, I looked in at the bus station and found two of Anglians four 61 route branded Scania Omnilinks working X88 services to or from Halesworth/Southwold. The duo were 457 AU61AVK and 454 YT11LVF

Returning to Castle Meadow, I had to quickly position myself for a photo of Simmonds decker MSU917. The Volvo B7TL / Plaxton President was formerly V188NLK and was new to Metroline in April 2001, passing to GHA in July 2014. Apologies for the photo quality.

Before catching my Green Line StreetLite to Thorpe, I also observed Stagecoach East's Coasthopper SN61ORC heading into the city on the X29 from Fakenham - nowhere near the coast!

Meanwhile, First Great Yarmouth were using Norwich Blue Line 36179 (BD11CDY) on a round trip on the 2 to Barrack Estate following its MOT at Caister Road. It later worked to Norwich and is pictured here by Kieran Smith at Norwich Bus Station on an X11 duty to Belton later in the afternoon. My thanks to Kieran for the photo.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

First Norwich Open Day & Bus Bash

Today saw the First Norwich Bus Bash and Roundtree Way Open Day take place in the city. My Day began early to meet up with First Manager Chris Speed as we headed off to Wymondham to collect an old friend to take along to the event.

Great Yarmouth Swift WEX685M heading through Castle Meadow

The new owner of WEX685M asked Chris if he wanted to take it along for the day to add to the list of heritage vehicles attending the event. We arrived nice and early at Roundtree Way to assist in the moving of around Twenty buses up to Vulcan Road Depot to allow the movement of vehicles back at Roundtree. Next was organising the 'Rainbow' line up of Norwich Network vehicles, the decision was made to park them across the front of the workshops to allow the public to view and have photos taken in the buses also. Various posts on social media after the event have mentioned ways that the line up could have been done better in people's personal opinion but what they failed to take into account is that the Depot was still a working area despite the event so arranging the vehicles was not as simple as you may think, credit to the staff of First for making it happen and should not go without notice.

Today aslo saw the first outing for newly painted Heritage liveried Volvo B7L 60916 YG02DKU, it now carries fleet number VW916 and looked very impressive in the morning sunshine!

A full timetable of Buses were in operation running between the Depot and the City Centre, such was the demand that extra vehicles such as VW916 and Lowestoft & Ipswich Heritage ALX400's 30888 &32479 were drafted in for duties. Vehicles carried large amounts of passengers all day long and were enjoyed not just by enthusiasts but families and children too.

30888 sits in the shadow of Norwich Castle
The Depot also operated trips through the Bus Wash using Volvo B9TL 36172 which is now officially the CLEANEST bus in Norwich!.

The most washed Bus in Norwich 36172 BD11CFV
Heritage Vehicles in use included examples from the Eastern Transport Collection alongside privately owned vehicles including a late entrant in Viv Carters former ECOC Bristol VR VEX294X which looked pristine in the Afternoon Sun pictured below negotiating the yard at Roundtree Way.

All in all a very sucessful day which was run in aid of the East Anglain Childrens Hospice, all vehicles used carried collection buckets for donations and there were stalls at Castle Meadow and Roundtree Way where people could find out about the Hospice and Donate to such a worthy cause.

Credit to Chris Speed and all the staff involved today for an excellent event and to get more than just Bus Enthusiasts seeing how a modern depot operates, many families attended and went away having a very enjoyable day indeed.

Always nice to catch up with many friends and aquaintances once again, thanks to Chris for allowing me along to help out.

Here's to the next one, Grahame.