Saturday, 24 June 2017

Loanees Latest

An update on the latest loan situation at Caister Road is in order following subsequent vehicle movements.

Lowestoft heritage liveried ALX400 30888 W743DWX has returned to its home depot with similar 30900 W774DWX making the return journey to Great Yarmouth on loan. She has also subsequently returned home

As originally referred to in a previous post, former First Great Yarmouth Streetlite 47506 SN64CRF has moved back temporarily covering a vehicle shortage. It is seen on Almond Road in Gorleston during yesterday afternoon returning to one of the routes it operated when here originally

My thanks to Will Drake for the photo of 30900


Friday, 23 June 2017

Shreeve Sells Setra

Suffolk based BR Shreeve & Sons Limited, more commonly known as Belle Coaches, have recently sold one of its Setras to a Cambridgeshire operator
Belle's LIL9717 at Beach Coach Station on wet day in November 2010
LIL9717, previously registered as BV51KNY, was acquired by Payne of Offord Cluny during April this year. Belle, in turn, purchased it from Greeves of Netherton, West Midlands in January 2005.

Source: PSV Circle Eastern News Sheet  June 2017


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Prodigal Son Returns

This afternoon one of First Great Yarmouth's former StreetLites returned to Caister Road for inspection. Early last month 47506 SN64CRF was transferred to First Norwich and received Charcoal Line livery for use on the 40/41/X41 routes

Fortunately Will Drake was on hand to get a photo of it inside the depot - Many thanks Will!

Update: Apparently it's on loan to Great Yarmouth for a couple of days!


Shortage Continues

First Great Yarmouth continues to experience vehicle shortages at its Caister Road depot following the transfer of the Enviro300s to Ipswich for Park and Ride duties.

Norwich Yellow Line 32106 on the forecourt at Caister Road earlier today. Photo: Will Drake
This explains the appearance of Norwich Yellow Line Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL 32106 LT02ZCV on the service 8 between Gorleston's James Paget Hospital and Second Avenue in Caister for most of today.

The shortage has been compounded by the fact that deckers 32062 W422SRP and 37274 LK58EDF are both out of use requiring a new engine plus Dart 42929 SN05EAJ is off the road for inspection repairs.

My thanks to Will Drake for the photo and to First Great Yarmouth for the update.


#TBT ~ Ipswich Depot March 1995, Part 2

This week's Throw Back Thursday continues with a look at Ipswich's Eastern Counties depot on 4th March 1995 - my apologies for the photo quality.

This time we take a look inside and find a couple of Eastern Counties vehicles in the rear of the depot in the form of a Carlisle bodied Iveco minibus and a Leyland National.

The former, F710NJF was new to Leicester Citybus in August 1988 and joined the Eastern Counties fleet the following year. It was withdrawn in 1996 with its final resting being at Ben Jordans in Coltishall.

The Leyland National was PEX613W which was delivered new to Eastern Counties in October 1980 and remained in service until 1997. Its last journey was to Spall of Dallinghoo for scrap.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Service Alterations Registered ~ 21st June 2017

A couple of interesting local entries appear in this morning's Notices and Proceedings Report published by the East of England Traffic Commissioner.

Both relate to Go West Travel, operating as Stagecoach East, which is to amend the timetables of its X8B/X29 route between Kings Lynn and Fakenham plus its X29 Norwich to Fakenham service from 23rd July 2017.

The full Notices and Proceedings Report can be viewed HERE.


Jim Long Tribute

Today saw a fitting Tribute take place to Jim Long, a good friend and regular contributor to the blog who passed away suddenly a year ago. Jim was a loyal Eastern Counties Enthusiast and was always around the town of Ipswich armed with his camera to record the latest happenings, we built up a great friendship and shared many photographs and met regularly for a drink and a catch up. Jim's wife Eve and his family decided to donate his photo collection to the Ipswich Transport Museum and today saw a fitting gesture from Eastern Counties, Heritage liveried 32479 (AU53HJV) was today named after Jim at the museum and he will be fondly remembered around the town.

32479 or James Long as its now known.

Jim's Wife Eve and his family 

A fitting tribute to a true gent. I only wish i was notified about this taking place today as both Roy and myself would have liked to have attended, very disappointed that we were not made aware of the event, still thinking of you Jim!

Special Thanks go to Stuart Ray for the photographs from this morning.